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Case studies


A leading publisher of news, opinion and rich media to the UK education sector.

  • The Challenge

    On behalf of their client, Faulkner Browns Architects, EdQuarter produced a live discussion webinar for decision makers in the university estates sector.

    Kettlefish planned and executed a marketing campaign to raise brand awareness for both the partner publisher and end client, new subscribers for publisher and warm sales leads for the end client.

  • Our solution

    We employed a variety of marketing activities to engage new and existing audiences and register them for the live webinar, Including:

    • Preparation of a branded webinar landing page to capture GDPR compliant registrations
    • Email campaign to existing EdQuarter subscribers
    • Organic and paid social media campaigns to capture new subscribers
    • Post event email campaign to webinar registrants to encourage further engagement with the recorded content.

 Key results

  • 2000+ unique landing page viewers
  • 23% email engagement rate
  • 223 webinar registrants
  • 159 live webinar attendees

Whiter Smile

An online retailer of custom fit dental products.

  • The Challenge

    During the COVID lockdown, this client decided to build on their successful dental practice and set up a website to sell professional dental products online.

    After a few months, the website was attracting insufficient traffic and the client required help to grow their business.

  • Our solution

    Taking a two pillar approach, we developed strategies to increase traffic to the site, alongside optimisations to the site performance to improve conversions through the eCommerce store, including:

    • Organic social media management to increase brand awareness and site traffic
    • Auditing and optimisation of site UX and SEO to improve traffic and conversion rate
    • PPC campaigns to further boost traffic from “in-market” shoppers

 Key results

  • 300% increase in website traffic
  • 15% drop in site bounce rate
  • 200% increase in online store conversions

Wildfire Comms

A multimedia publisher for niche market sectors, including property, education and entertainment.

  • The Challenge

    On behalf of their client, Sony, Wildfire required marketing activity to raise awareness of the Sony brand, via one of their niche audience websites.

  • Our solution

    Kettlefish developed a content marketing campaign, including a branded landing page on the Wildfire managed Education Technology website, with links and incentives to click-through to Sony’s special offer.

    With cost effective PPC campaigns on multiple channels, we delivered engaged traffic from Europe, the US and the UK to landing pages on the sites of both clients.


 Key results

  • 1000+ unique landing page viewers
  • Visitors from the UK, Germany, France and the US
  • 34000+ page impressions
  • 31% click through rate to the end client’s offer


Gemma – Cashmere Slipper Co

I was running my business successfully through Etsy, but I wanted more control and fewer fees, so decided I needed my own website.

Kettlefish built me a fantastic looking website, which is easy for my customers to use and simple for me to update myself. It’s good to know I can talk to them any time about support with anything more technical like SEO if I need it too.

 Kettlefish took the time to understand my business and my customers and were also happy to offer general advice on marketing which I found very helpful.

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Tara Thomas – Couples Therapist

As a small business owner who does All the Things, marketing can be time consuming & frustrating. I’ve worked with (too many) marketing experts, but felt like they didn’t ‘get’ me or even take the time to try.

Kettlefish collaborated with me to answer questions, provide advice, and develop an approach to SEO that’s on point to my unique circumstances within my industry.

Kettlefish hit the sweet spot in my Collaborator Venn. I don’t work with cookie-cutter generic types, I won’t market in an unethical way, and personality really matters.

I work for myself, so it’s important to me that I enjoy my collaborations!

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